NICKEL 201 UNS N02201 DIN 2.4068

Nickel-200 UNS N02200
Nickel-200, Nickel 99.2
Nickel-201 UNS N02201
Nickel-201, LC Nickel 99.2
ASTM B 168, ASTM B 829, ASTM B 775, ASTM B 751, ASTM B 161, ASTM B 725, ASTM B 163, ASTM B 730, ASTM B 162, ASTM B 160, ASTM B 564, ASTM B 366, ASME SB 168, ASME SB 829, ASME SB 775, ASME SB 751, ASME SB 161, ASME SB 725, ASME SB 163, ASME SB 730, ASME SB 162, ASME SB 160, ASME SB 564, ASME SB 366

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We are one of the India's Leading Stockholder & Distributors of following items in the form of Sheets, Plates, Flat Bars, Pipes, Tubes, Bars, Rods, Wires, Strips, Rings,
Hydraulic Tube Fittings, Compression Tube Fittings, Precision Tube Fittings, Hydraulic Valves, Fluid Connectors, Couplings, CNC Plasma / Laser Perforated Sheets, Filler Metal Wires, Forgings, Castings, Fittings, Flanges, Fasteners, Heavy Hex Nuts, Bolts - Hex Head Bolts, Stud Bolts, Washers, Threaded Bars, Threaded Rods, Scraps, Double Melt (VIM/VAR) Ingots, VIM/ESR Ingots, Triple Melt (VIM/ESR/VAR) Ingots :

Nickel 200 UNS N02200
Nickel 200, Nickel 99.2
Nickel 201 UNS N02201
Nickel 201, LC Nickel 99.2
ASTM B-168, ASTM B-829, ASTM B-775, ASTM B-751, ASTM B-161, ASTM B-725, ASTM B-163, ASTM B-730, ASTM B-162, ASTM B-160, ASTM B-564, ASTM B-366, ASME SB-168, ASME SB-829, ASME SB-775, ASME SB-751, ASME SB-161, ASME SB-725, ASME SB-163, ASME SB-730, ASME SB-162, ASME SB-160, ASME SB-564, ASME SB-366, AMS5553
ALLOY 400 UNS N04400 Din 2.4360
ALLOY 400 BS 3076 NA13, QQ-N-281 Class A, ASTM B164
Monel 400®, Nickelvac® 400, Nicorros® 400
Monel R405® UNS N04405
Monel K500® UNS N05500 Din 2.4375
ALLOY K-500 BS 3076 NA18, QQ-N-286, ASTM B865
ASTM B-165, ASTM B-725, ASTM B-163, ASTM B-127, ASTM B-164, ASTM B-564, ASTM B-366, ASTM B-865, ASTM B-829, ASTM B-775, ASTM B-165, ASTM B-730, ASTM B-751, ASME SB-165, ASME SB-725, ASME SB-163, ASME SB-127, ASME SB-164, ASME SB-564, ASME SB-366, ASME SB-865, ASME SB-829, ASME SB-775, ASME SB-165, ASME SB-730, ASME SB-751, AMS4544
ALLOY 600 UNS N06600
Inconel 600®, Nickelvac® 600, Ferrochronin® 600
ALLOY 617 UNS N06617
Inconel 617®, Nicrofer 5520® 
ALLOY 625 UNS N06625
Inconel 625®, Chronin® 625, Altemp® 625, Haynes® 625, Nickelvac® 625, Nicrofer® 6020
Alloy 718 UNS N07718
Inconel 718®, Nicrofer® 5219, Allvac® 718, Haynes® 718, Altemp® 718
ASTM B-168, ASTM B-443, ASTM B-166, ASTM B-446, ASTM B-637, ASTM B-167, ASTM B-829, ASTM B-517, ASTM B-775, ASTM B-444, ASTM B-705, ASTM B-163, ASTM B-516, ASTM B-751, ASTM B-704, ASTM B-366, ASTM B-564 ASME SB-168, ASME SB-443, ASME SB-166, ASME SB-446, ASME SB-637, ASME SB-167, ASME SB-829, ASME SB-517, ASME SB-775, ASME SB-444, ASME SB-705, ASME SB-163, ASME SB-516, ASME SB-751, ASME SB-704, ASME SB-366, ASME SB-564, AMS5540, AMS5870, AMS5715, AMS5889, AMS5888, AMS5887, AMS5596, AMS5662, AMS5663, AMS5664, AMS5542, AMS5598, AMS5667, AMS5599, AMS5879, AMS5666
Cast And Wrought Nickel-Cobalt-Iron Base SuperAlloys for Gas Turbine Engine, Turbine Blades, Industrial Gas Turbine Rotors
IN738 LC, IN713 LC, IN939, IN100, B1900, RENE80, RENE88, RENE95
IN738LC, IN713LC, IN-939, IN-100, B-1900, RENE-80, RENE-88, RENE-95
IN 738 LC, IN 713 LC, IN 939, IN 100, B 1900, RENE 80, RENE 88, RENE 95
PWA1422, PWA1484, PWA1426, C1023, MARM002, X45, FSX414
PWA 1422, PWA 1484, PWA 1426, C 1023, MARM002, X 45, FSX 414
ALLOY X-750 UNS N07750
Inconel X750®, Haynes X750®, Pyromet® X750, Nickelvac® X750, Nicrofer® 7016
ALLOY 800 UNS N08800
Incoloy 800H®, Ferrochronin® 800, Nickelvac® 800, Nicrofer® 3220
Incoloy 800H® UNS N08810
Incoloy 800HT® UNS N08811
ALLOY 825 UNS N08825
Incoloy 825®, Nickelvac® 825, Nicrofer® 4221
ASTM B-409, ASTM B-424, ASTM B-408, ASTM B-425, ASTM B-407, ASTM B-829, ASTM B-514, ASTM B-775, ASTM B-423, ASTM B-705, ASTM B-515, ASTM B-751, ASTM B-163, ASTM B-704, ASTM B-366, ASTM B-564, ASME SB-409, ASME SB-424, ASME SB-408, ASME SB-425, ASME SB-407, ASME SB-829, ASME SB-514, ASME SB-775, ASME SB-423, ASME SB-705, ASME SB-515, ASME SB-751, ASME SB-163, ASME SB-704, ASME SB-366, ASME SB-564, AMS5871, AMS5660, AMS5661
Alloy C22 UNS N06022
Hastelloy C22®, Inconel® 22, Nicrofer® 5621
Alloy C276 UNS N10276
Hastelloy C276®, Nickelvac® HC-276, Inconel® C276, Nicrofer® 5716
Alloy B2 UNS N10665
Hastelloy B2®, Nimofer® 6928
Hastelloy X®, Nickelvac® HX, Nicrofer® 4722, Altemp® HX, Inconel® HX
ASTM B-575, ASTM B-333, ASTM B-435, ASTM B-574, ASTM B-335, ASTM B-572, ASTM B-622, ASTM B-619, ASTM B-775, ASTM B-829, ASTM B-516, ASTM B-626, ASTM B-751, ASTM B-366, ASTM B-564, ASME SB-575, ASME SB-333, ASME SB-435, ASME SB-574, ASME SB-335, ASME SB-572, ASME SB-622, ASME SB-619, ASME SB-775, ASME SB-829, ASME SB-516, ASME SB-626, ASME SB-751, ASME SB-366, ASME SB-564, AMS5530, AMS5750, AMS5894, AMS5548, AMS5617, AMS5750
Maraging 250 / Maraging C250 / Vascomax C250™ UNS K92890
Maraging 300 / Maraging C300 / Vascomax C300™ UNS K93120
Vascomax® 300, Maraging C300
Maraging 350 / Maraging C350 / Vascomax C350™
Vascomax® 350
Custom® 450 XM-25 / CUSTOM-450 XM25
Rene 41™ UNS N07041
Rene 41®, Allvac Rene® 41, Haynes® R-41, Udimet® R41
Multimet N155® - UNS  R30155
Haynes 25™ UNS R30605 Alloy L605
Haynes 188™ - UNS R30188
Haynes® 188, Udimet® 188 Conicro® 4023
Waspalloy™ UNS  N07001
Waspalloy®, Allvac® Waspalloy®
MP35N® UNS R30035
MP159® UNS R30159
Cobalt Alloy 6B UNS R30006
Stellite 6B®
Alloy 36 UNS K93600
Invar 36®, Nilo 36®, Pernifer® 36
Invar 42 / Nilo 42® UNS K94200
Invar 42®, Nilo 42®
Kovar® UNS K94610
UNS N08367 Alloy AL6XN®
NI-SPAN-C 902® UNS N09902
Alloy A286® UNS S66286 (UNS K66286) Din 1.4980 Altemp® A286 Pyromet® Alloy A-286
Alloy 330® UNS N08330
Alloy 330, RA330®, Incoloy® 330, Nicrofer® 3718
CP Titanium Grade 1
CP Titanium Grade 2
Titanium Grade 5/Titanium 6AL4V/Ti6Al4VEli Surgical Grade, Orthopaedic Implants
Titanium Ti-6Al-4V ELI Annealed Extra Low Interstitial UNS R56401 (ELI)
Titanium Alpha-Beta Alloy Biomaterials, Biomedical Implants, Biocompatiblity
Titanium Alloy Ti-6Al-4VEli ISO5832-3 Ti6Al4VEli ASTM F136 ISO 5832-3
Aluminium Alloy 2024 Temper T351, Alloy 6061 Temper T6, Alloy 6061 Temper T651
Aluminium Alloy 7075 Temper T651, Alloy 7075 Temper T7351, Alloy 7050 Temper T7451
Aluminium Alloy 7050 Temper T7651, Alloy 7475 Temper T7351, MIC-6, ALCA PLUS/MAX
Temperature Sensitive Alloy, Fusible Alloy, Low Melting Alloy, Anode Alloy, Babbitt Alloy
Ballast Alloy, Bismuth Alloy, Bullet Alloy, Hobby Casting Alloy, Jewelry/Pewter Alloy
Lead Based Alloy, Lead Free Alloy, Lure Making Alloy, Solder Alloy, Spin Casting Alloy
Tin Based Alloy, Zinc Alloy, Fusible Alloy Contain Bismuth, Lead, Tin, Cadmium, Indium 
15-5PH UNS S15500 15/5PH
17-4PH UNS S17400 17/4PH
17-7PH UNS S17700 17/4PH
NITRONIC 50® UNS S20910 XM-19
Nimonic 75 UNS N06075
Nimonic 80A UNS N07080
Nimonic 90 UNS N07090
Nimonic 263 UNS N07263
Incoloy DS
Hastelloy C4 UNS N06455
Nitralloy 135 MOD, Nitralloy 135MOD, Nitralloy 135 Modified
Alloy 135 MOD, Nitriding Alloy 135 MOD, Alloy 135 MODIFIED
Heat Resistant in grades SUS310, 310S, 310H, SUS309, SUS309S
Stainless Steel TP310, TP310S, TP310H, TP309, TP309S
Allvac® Vasco® 440 C UNS S44004 Specialty Steel AL 440C DIN 1.4125
AISI 440C SUS440C AISI-440C SUS 440C DIN-1.4125 UNS-S44004
AISI 422 UNS S42200 JIS SUH 616 Din 1.4935 ASTM A565 AMS 5655 Martensitic Stainless Steel
Alloy 904L UNS N08904 Din 1.4539 UB-6 URANUS B6 UB6 AISI 904L
254 SMO UNS S31254 254SMO Din 1.4547 SMO 254
ASTM A182 Grade F44 UNS S31254 EN 1.4547 X1CrNiMoCuN20-18-7
Sanicro 28 UNS N08028 SANICRO 28 Din 1.4563 Sanicro-28
Alloy 20 UNS N08020 Din 2.4660 CARPENTER 20®, 20Cb-3®
Copper Nickel 90/10 UNS C70600 CuNi 90/10 Cupro Nickel 90-10
Copper Nickel 70/30 UNS C71500 CuNi 70/30 Cupro Nickel 70-30
Duplex 2205 UNS S31803 ASTM A182 F-51 / F-60 318LN DIN 1.4462 SAF2205 SA182 F51 / F60
Duplex ASTM A182 Grade F60 / ASME SA182 Grade F60 NACE & Norsok Approved
Duplex SAF2205 SANMAC UNS S32205 URANUS® 45N PREN = 33 or 34 A182 F51 (329LN) / F60
Duplex 2205, Duplex SAF2205, Duplex SAF 2205, UNS S31803/S32205, Din 1.4462 EN 10088-3
Duplex SAF2205 SANMAC, URANUS 45N, PREN>33, PREN>34, PREN>35, PREN>36
Duplex 329 F52 UNS S32950 ASTM A182 F-52 SA182 F52
Super Duplex 2507 UNS S32750 F53 ASTM A182 F-53 SAF2507 SA182 F53 DIN 1.4410
Super Duplex SAF2507 UNS S32750 DIN 1.4410 EN10088 URANUS 47N(+) PREN>41 A182-F53
Super Duplex UNS S32760 F55 ASTM A182 F-55 SA182 F55 DIN 1.4501 UNS 32760
SA213 T91/T-91, SA213 T22/T-22, SA213 T11/T-11, SA213 T5/T-5, SA213 T9/T-9 
Seamless Tubes for Boiler, Superheater & Heat-Exchanger SA213 TP347H, SA213 TP321H, SA213 TP304H, SA213 TP304L, SA213 TP304, SA213 TP316H, SA213 TP316, SA213 TP316L, SA213 TP316Ti, SA213 TP317L Seamless Tubes for Boiler, Superheater & Heat-Exchanger
ASME SA516 Grade-70 Pressure Vessel Plates for Low Temperature Service, ASME SA515 Grade-70 Pressure Vessel Plates for High Temperature Service, ASME SA516 Grade-60 Boiler Plates, ASME SA515 Grade-60 Boiler Plates, ASTM A516-60 Pressure Vessel Plates ASTM A515-60 Pressure Vessel Plates ASTM A515-70 Boiler Plates ASTM A516-70 Boiler Plates

Inspection & Approval Certificates : C/W Certificate (Calibration Works Certificate) EN10204 3.1 / DIN 50049 3.1 / ISO 10474 3.1 Mill Test Certificate, NACE MR-0103 / NACE MR-0175 / ISO 15156, CE Marked, European Pressure Equipment Directive PED-97/23/EC, AD-2000-WO, ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Sec.II Part A Ed. 2008, API 6A (American Petroleum Institute), with 3.2 certificate duly Certified & Approved by LRS (Lloyd's Register), GL (Germanischer Lloyd), BV (Bureau Veritas), DNV (Det Norske Veritas), ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), SGS, TUV, RINA, IRS, NORSOK Approved Standard M-630, M-650 Rev.3, NADCAP Certified in accordance with SAE Aerospace Standards

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UNS K93600 (Invar 36®, Nilo 36®, Pernifer® 36), UNS K94200 (Invar 42®, Nilo 42®, UNS K92890 (Vascomax 250®, Maraging C250), UNS K93120 (Vascomax® 300, Maraging C300), Maraging C350 (Vascomax® 350), UNS N04400 (Alloy 400, Monel 400®, Nickelvac® 400, Nicorros® 400), UNS N06600 (Inconel 600®, Nickelvac® 600, Ferrochronin® 600), UNS N06601 (Inconel 601®, Pyromet® 601, Nicrofer® 601), UNS N06617 (Inconel 617®, Nicrofer 5520®),  UNS N06625 (Inconel 625®, Chronin® 625, Altemp® 625, Haynes® 625, Nickelvac® 625, Nicrofer® 6020), UNS N07718 (Inconel 718®, Nicrofer® 5219 Allvac® 718, Haynes® 718, Altemp® 718), UNS N07750 (Inconel X750®, Haynes X750®, Pyromet® X750, Nickelvac® X750, Nicrofer® 7016), UNS N08800, N08810, N08811 (Incoloy 800H®, Ferrochronin® 800, Nickelvac® 800, Nicrofer® 3220), UNS N08825 (Incoloy 825®, Nickelvac® 825, Nicrofer® 4221), UNS N10276 (Hastelloy C276®, Nickelvac® HC-276, Inconel® C276, Nicrofer® 5716), UNS N06022 (Hastelloy C22®, Inconel® 22, Nicrofer® 5621)UNS N10665 (Hastelloy B2®, Nimofer® 6928)UNS N06002 (Hastelloy X®, Nickelvac® HX, Nicrofer® 4722, Altemp® HX, Inconel® HX), UNS R30035 (MP35N®, PRP® 35N, Pyromet® 35N), UNS R30159 (MP159®) Multimet®, Custom 450®, Custom 455®, Duplex 2205, Super Duplex, UNS N02200 (Nickel 200. Nickel 99.2), UNS N02201 (Nickel 201, LC Nickel 99.2), UNS N07041 (Rene 41®, Allvac Rene® 41, Haynes® R-41, Udimet® R41),  UNS R30605 (Alloy L-605, Haynes 25®, Nickelvac® L-605, Udimet® L-605 Conicro® 5010), UNS N07001 (Waspalloy®, Allvac® Waspalloy®), UNS N08330 (Alloy 330, RA330®, Incoloy® 330, Nicrofer® 3718), UNS N30188 (Haynes® 188, Udimet® 188 Conicro® 4023)